Note the two versions of iPhilStocks: The first, iPhilStocks Plus is optimized for BOTH iPhone and iPad including iPhone X. iPhilStocks Pro is optimised for iPhone only. Both are compiled for the latest iOS 11 so you get maximum stability and performance.


Why iPhilStocks Plus?
1. Portfolio Manager
iPhilStocks Plus allows you to manage virtually unlimited portfolios with an in-app upgrade. Create, arrange, rename, sort portfolios. View profits.

2. Profit View
Monitor a portfolio's returns with comprehensive information: overall returns, company returns, and per transaction returns, realised and unrealised profits.

3. Market Board
iPhilStocks Plus screens data and helps you find bargains! View top gainers, top losers, most active, highest dividend yielding stocks, one year top performers, one year worst losers.

4. Comprehensive News
Get the latest news from the best sources both headline and company-specific.

5. Native Proprietary Charts with Technicals
With iPhilStocks charts: Drag your finger across our charts to scrub through data points,
Analyse stocks through technicals: SMA, MACD and RSI, View charts in portrait and landscape.

6. Compare Stocks Performance with a Chart
Maximum 5 stocks can be compared.

7. iCloud Support
Sync your portfolio and transactions across all your devices. Use iCloud to backup your data.

8. Help Videos
Get up and running will an easy learning curve.